Emily Addison and Mia Malkova fuck in lingerie

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In this video Emily Addison and Mia Malkova have beautiful lesbian sex in lingerie. Emily is wearing the black lingerie bodysuit and Mia is wearing the white one. They start out the video by kissing and touching each other. Emily seems to be the one in charge of the sex. They expose each other’s boobs from under their lingerie and suck on them. Then Mia bends over and Emily moves Mia’s lingerie to the side and eats, rubs, and fingers her pussy. Then Mia lays on her back and Emily eats, rubs, and fingers Mia’s pink pussy some more.

Then the scene cuts to Emily on top of Mia, tribbing their pussies together. Emily moves their lingerie to the side and tribs her pussy on Mia’s pussy, soft and sensually. Then they 69 for a minute, before Emily tribs her pussy on Mia’s face, while Mia eats her out. While Emily softly face tribs Mia, Emily rubs Mia’s pussy. Mia also rubs Emily’s pussy while she rubs her own, when Emily is sitting on her face.

Then Emily eats out Mia’s pussy again, before Emily bends over and Mia fingers Emily’s pussy from behind. Then Mia stands up and leans against the window, while Emily rubs Mia’s pussy and her pretty butt cheeks. They end the video kissing. This video has a very sensual and romantic vibe to it.

Standard Tribbing: 6:50
Face Tribbing: 8:48

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