Native American amateur lesbian tribbing part 2

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This clip was recommended by Javaman, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. This is the same lesbian from our video titled “Native American amateur lesbian tribbing”, also recommended by Javaman. It’s the same Native American girl tribbing, but I believe her partner is different. The girl she is tribbing with now has darker hair and a tattoo on her back.

In this video, you can also see that the Native American lesbian has a another tattoo of a tomahawk on her calf. Someone is also filming and watching them have sex, maybe it’s the lesbian from the other video and now she is the camera girl. Also, the white girl happens to be in another video we have up called “Amateur interracial tribbing”, in this video she is tribbing a black lesbian.

The video starts with the Native American lesbian on top of the white lesbian tribbing. She tribs slow and steady, grinding her pussy on her partner’s and tribbing clit to clit. Then they change positions and the white girl is on top now. She tribs in the missionary position then in the standard tribbing position. Towards the end of the clip she tribs hard and fast. She kisses the Native American lesbian while she tribs her and they kiss at the end of the clip too.

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