Shyla Jennings and Elexis Monroe trib soft and slow

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This clip was recommended by Dan, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user.

Favorite lesbians 1 scene. A great scene with awesome tribbing, missionary style and others. They start out in dresses and soon move onto naked tribbing. The dresses part at the start is particularly good!

This video starts with Shyla Jennings and Elexis Monroe softy tribbing while wearing sun dresses. Elexis is on top of Shyla, slowly tribbing by riding Shyla’s pussy. Then Elexis moves her pussy on to Shyla’s upper thigh and slowly tribs her pussy on it, while she takes off Shyla’s dress. Then Shyla takes off Elexis’s dress and we see that Elexis has her panties and her bra on. Elexis then moves into the tribbing of the knee position and tribs Shyla’s pussy with her panties on. They trib slowly and softly.

Then Elexis moves here pussy down Shyla’s leg right above her knee cap and tribs her pussy there while she is still wearing her panties. While she is tribibng Shyla’s leg, she is also kissing her and stroking Shyla’s pussy. Then Elexis gets off Shyla’s leg and fingers Shyla’s pussy for a while, at times shyla’s rubs her own clit. Then Elexis eats Shyla’s pussy out and rubs her pussy some more.

After that, Elexis gets on top of Shyla and tribs her some more in the tribbing of the knee position, Elexis is still in her panties. Then Shyla gets on top of Elexis and tribs her softly and slowly in the tribbing of the knee position and in the missionary position. At some point Shyla gets sick of tribibng Elexis in her panties and takes them off so she can trib Elexis’s raw pussy.

After Shyla takes off Elexis’s panties, she tribs Elexis in the standard tribbing position, looks like they trib clit to clit. Then they get into the scissor position and grind and press their pussies together really hard. Then they both sit up and press their pussies together hard and hold their pussies together, feeling the tension.

Then Elexis gets on top of Shyla and tribs her own pussy on Shyla’s leg, while she kisses and sucks on Shyla’s boobs. Shyla rubs her own pussy while this is going on. Then Elexis fingers Shyla’s pussy with three fingers while Shyla rubs her own clit and Elexis tribs her pussy on Shyla’s leg. Then Elexis sits on Shyla’s face and Shyla eats her out.

For the rest of the video they kiss and lay on each other. This is a great tribbing video, they trib with passion and they trib slow and soft, but hard at the same time.

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