Native American amateur lesbian tribbing

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This clip was recommended by Javaman, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. In this video two amateur lesbians make a homemade tribbing movie. There is a camera person filming and watching them have tribbing sex. One of the girls has to be Native American, she has a huge tattoo of a American Indian on her thigh and bird wings on her lower back, the other lesbian is white.

The video starts with the Native American sitting her pussy right on top of the white lesbian’s pussy. The Native American rides the white lesbian’s pussy, clit to clit. Then the Native American lesbian gets into the standard tribbing position and tribs the white lesbian.

Then they trade spots and the white lesbian gets on top and tribs the Native American in the missionary position. The white lesbian tribs hard and fast, clit to clit. The tribbing looks very serious and intense, you can tell they are really into it and they kiss each other from time to time while they are tribbing. They trib like this for the rest of the video.

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