Skin Diamond and Jada Fire tribbing

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This video starts out with a woman on the phone, who I believe is Nyomi Banxxx, with a prospective tenant, it sounds like the woman has a room for rent. She tells the would be renter to come by her place around 6:00 PM to check out the room. The video then cuts to Jada Fire sitting on her bed in a sexy purple tank top and a pair of panties, reading Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, an interesting choice. Maybe this film was made around the time all the regulations on porn were threatened to be put in place.

Anyway, after a minute Skin Diamond walks in the room. Skin and Jada are lovers, Jada asks Skin how her day was. Skin says stressful because she had to help her mom clean out the spare room so someone could rent it out, since the economy is so bad. Jada says Skin should just move in with her, Skin says no because they fight too much. Jada says Skin is just scared of her when she is mad and they start kissing. I don’t really know what the deal was in the beginning with Nyomi on the phone, maybe she was playing Skin’s mom, that plot lead to no where.

They start touching each other and Skin sucks on Jada’s huge boobs, then Skin takes off Jada’s panties and eats her pussy. Then Jada takes off Skin pants and rubs Skin’s pussy over her panties. Then Jada takes off Skin’s panties and eats her pussy. After that, Jada lays down on the bed and Skin mounts Jada and tribs her pussy hard and fast, she also sucks on Jada’s toes while she tribs their pussies together. Then Skin goes back to eating Jada’s pussy some more.

Then Jada mounts Skin and tribs in the standard tribbing position. Jada’s big black butt jiggles as she tribs. Then Jada gets into the doggy style position and Skin fingers Jada’s pussy, Skin also tribs her from behind, while she massages Jada’s pussy. They then get on their knees and kiss, while they are rubbing each other’s pussies. Then they lay down and hug and kiss on the bed.

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  1. this vid is great, I love skin diamond, and jada is soooo hot n sexy! WOW. iv never seen her before but she is gorgeous. il be looking for her! very vocal when they get into it, love it.

  2. Gemma, have you and your husband ever filmed yourselves, or would you ever want to? iv filmed myself with a pillow before. I rather enjoy watching myself as well as others. id gladly film me and my partner, but she wont EVER do that, I know for sure. she wont even have sex haa. I like looking in a mirror.