Jana Cova and Teanna Kai have hot sex

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This clip was recommended by X, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. We do have the last 6:27 minutes of the end of this movie up already called “Interracial lesbians stand while tribbing”.

A blonde, Jana Cova, is in her house, running a bath for herself. She takes off her clothes in her bathroom, feeling safe and secure when all the while, Teanna Kai is in her bedroom disconnecting the phone line and rummaging their Jana’s personal belongings. Jana thinks she hears something, so she puts on her sexy robe and in her panties, bra, and white stockings, goes to investigate. Jana finds Teanna in room and starts yelling at her saying she will call the cops. Teanna says “Nice try, I disconnected the phone” and shows the phone being unplugged. So Jana says she is going to kick her ass instead, Teanna says bring it bitch!

They start pushing each other and circling each other, they pretty much start to wrestle. Teanna is wearing this lacy full body suite and it’s very sexy. They wrestle and fight for a while, getting their bodies wrapped up in many sexy tribbing positions, but they don’t really trib, they are just teasing, until around 17:23. Teanna gets on top of Jana and tribs in the tribbing of the knee position. At this point Teanna’s bodysuit is ripped and destroyed and Jana’s panties are off of her completely.

Jana really is enjoying the tribbing, she rips the rest of Teanna’s bodysuit off and gets on top of Teanna and tribs in the tribbing of the knee position. Then they lay down and trib in a semi scissor position, with Jana on her side and Teanna facing backwards. Then they fully scissor their pussies together, they bump their pussies in this position. Then Jana gets on top of Teanna and tribs in the standard tribbing position hard and fast.

Then they stop tribbing and Jana declares herself the winner, so she gets into the bathtub to reward herself. Teanna joins her and Jana rubs oil on Teanna’s ass and tribs her breasts on Teanna’s butt, then Java tribs Teanna from behind. Then Teanna rubs soapy water on Jana and rubs her breasts on Jana’s butt. Then Teanna tribs Jana from behind. Then they rub their boobs and pussies together in the bathtub, before they scissor their pussies together in the bath water. The closeup shots of this are really nice. Then they hug and kiss and rub their nipples together.

Then Jana stands behind Teanna, rubbing her pussy on the Teanna’s ass and caressing her tits. Jana bends over and Teanna tribs her from behind, then Jana bends over and Teanna tribs her from behind, there are some closeup shots of this. Then Teanna gets up and they trib each other while standing for the rest of the clip.

This is a great video!

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