Skin Diamond and London Keyes tribbing

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Skin Diamond and London Keyes trib their pussies in this clip. This clip comes form the same movie as our other video “Skin Diamond foot tribbing London Keyes”.

Skin walks into her kitchen and finds London Keyes standing there, Skin is shocked and asks how she got in. London doesn’t say, instead she starts yelling at Skin, asking her why she is trying to ruin her Dominatrix business. Skin said that she had to call her out on the internet because she ignored her client Larry’s safe word and hurt him during a session and threw bondage material at another client during a session. Skin feels this is wrong, so she had to warn people. London denies all this and claims Skin is bad mouthing her to steal her clients away. London says since this has happened she has lost all of her work and on top of that, her dad passed away from cancer. When Skin hears this she feels horrible and apologizes to London for the hard time she is having.

On a side note, London looks really sweaty while she is talking to Skin. You can see the sweat all over her forehead and around her hairline and on her upper lip. At one point, you can even see a bead of sweat drip down her forehead to her nose while she is talking. I don’t know why the production people didn’t clean her up or do something about it.

Anyway, Skin starts to feel really bad for ruining London’s career and London says its fine, that she will move on and do something else. They hug and then they start to kiss. Then the scene cuts to Skin fingering London’s pussy on the bed. London is wearing high heels and Skin is wearing her panties and high heels. Then Skin doesn’t have her panties on anymore and London is sitting on Skin’s face, while she eats her pussy and London is rubbing Skin’s pussy. Then they start to trib by scissoring their pussies together. After they trib, London rubs Skin’s pussy some more. At the end of this video London’s hair and face is soaking in sweat. It must be really hot in that house.

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  1. very nice vid. I like skin diamond a lot, she is beautiful. as is London keyes, although I haven’t seen much of her in the past.