Amateur lesbian tribbing massage

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This is a real amateur clip. It looks like they are in a hotel room and one of their husband’s is filming and watching them get it on. They look a little on the mature side, but I can’t really see their faces, the brunette who is receiving the massage, is blindfolded and you can see she is wearing a wedding ring on her left hand.

The clip starts with the brunette laying on her stomach and the blonde over her, kissing her body. The blonde pours oil over the brunette’s back and tribs her from behind softly, the blonde is wearing panties while she tribs. The blonde continues to kiss, trib, and massage the brunette’s back for a while.

Then the blonde turns the brunette over on to her back and pours oil on her stomach and her breasts. The blonde rubs the brunette’s stomach and kisses her boobs. Then the blonde softy rides the brunette’s pussy before she eats her out.

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  1. This is beautiful. These women are gorgeous. The blond espec. Beautiful curves which look great as she rides her partner. Her build n shape is almost like my partner. She is fine too but she never believes me. N we never have fun unfortunatly.