Another standing trib compilation

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This clip was recommended by Dan, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. It’s another compilation video of lesbians standing while tribbing, it’s a very good clip.

The first scene is of two lesbians trib standing in a bathroom. The lesbian in the purple dress looks like the same girl in the clip “Lesbian kitchen tribbing” and “Lesbians grinding while standing with their clothes on”, Gertie Vika. They caress each other with their clothes on and rub each other’s pussies over through their pantyhose. Gertie grinds her pussy on the other lesbian’s ass, while standing.

The second scene is of two lesbians grinding their pussies in a gym. They redhead sits on the brunette’s knee and tribs her pussy, they are both wearing clothes. Then they trib stand against a wall with their clothes on and it looks like they are also wearing pantyhose.

The third scene involves three lesbians trib standing with their clothes on and they all have pantyhose on. They make a sandwich, with one lesbian in the middle, while the other two grind their pussies on her. All three of these lesbians look Latina.

** There is a screw up in the compilation, it shows two mature lesbians on a bed about to have sex, but then it cuts to the next scene, so nothing happens.

The fourth scene is of two Asian lesbians trib standing in a bathroom. They are very wet and soapy and they run their pussies all over each other. They also have hairy pussies.

The fifth scene is of a blonde and a brunette lesbian fighting each other. The blonde pins the brunette up against the wall and tribs her pussy on the brunette’s, hard, while rubbing her pussy.

The sixth scene is also of two lesbians fighting. The darker haired brunette is pinned against the wall while the lighter brunette tribs her. At first they have their panties on, but then the panties come off.

The seventh scene is of two lesbians trib standing in a bathtub. A brunette and a redhead are tribbing against the bathtub wall, the clip is on for a second in this compilation, we have the full clip posted, it’s called “Aggressive lesbian bathroom sex” if you want to check it out.

The eighth scene looks retro. A blonde and a brunette are standing against a desk with their clothes on, lightly grinding their pussies together. They both have huge boobs.

The ninth scene is of Sinn Sage and a blonde lesbian, trib standing in the shower. Sinn pounds the crap out of this lesbian, we have the full clip on the site, it’s called “Sinn Sage punishes sexy lesbian”, it’s definitely worth the watch.

The tenth scene also looks retro. A brunette and a blonde lesbian, with very big tits, trib standing up. They are holding each other tight in a bear hug, pushing their pussies together.

The eleventh scene is of Sinn Sage and a blonde lesbian kneeling on a bed, tribbing their pussies together. Sinn’s body looks so good half trib standing on her knees, her ass is amazing. This seems to be a semi trib standing, semi tribbing of the knee position. Don’t really see this too often.

The twelve scene is of Sinn Sage and Isis Taylor trib standing against a wall. We have the full clip on the site,, it’s called “Sinn Sage and Isis Taylor have sex”, it’s a great clip. Sinn is in her panties and Isis is wearing her pantyhose.

The thirteenth scene is of two blonde retro lesbians bumping their pussies together, while standing. We also have the full clip of this on our site, it’s called “Tribbing standing up and laying down”. They are both wearing some type of crotch less panties and the closeup shots of their pussies trib standing are amazing.

The fourteenth scene is of a blonde and brunette lesbian trib standing against a couch. The blonde is against the couch and the brunette is on the blonde, they trib hard and fast.

The last scene is of two lesbians in business suits tribbing against a wall. They hike up their skirts and grind their pussies together. One is wearing stockings and the other is wearing pantyhose and glasses.

This is another excellent tribbing compilation.

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  1. thank you for putting this one on gemma. As you know, standing is my fav category shortly followed by panties n this has bits of both. so always a winner. one of my favs to watch while I stroke myself up n down or hump a pillow till I have amazing orgasms. mmm!

  2. Yea I don’t know why the odd bit is in there. and I noticed you have some of the full clips already. like the fourth scene, its really erotic and makes me mega horny, seeing those gorgeous wet womens bodies up against each other, legs tangled together as they grind and trib each other. very nice. love the sinn scenes as well. il certainly be using this vid a lot!!

  3. Does anyone know where I can find the full video of the last clip with the girls in the business suits? Or their names?

  4. I couldn’t be certain. im not very good at finding out full clips from a short cut of it. its not a long clip to go on either. looks a more older vid, not recent.

  5. I will be on the look out for the full clip, I think this might be hard to find because it looks older, like mid 90’s maybe, but I will keep my eyes open for it.

  6. Any of the full version clips would be fantastic. That arnt on here already. The fourth and eleventh scenes are quite good. If i see these anywhere i will inform.

  7. The last trip scene was amazing with the 2 women in business suits. I want to find the entire vid.

  8. If you find it post the link here, I have been looking but haven’t come across it yet and no problem Monica, we are happy to look 🙂

  9. the clip of th ladys in suits is at chick fight and progresses into a pretty ruff simi nude trib fight.

  10. Thank you Anonymous! Went to the site and found pictures of this video. I still cannot find the video anywhere though. Here is the link to the website ChickFight and here is the link to the pictures, their names are Gina and Faye. Still will look for the vid but I don’t think it’s out there.