Maddy O’Reilly and August Ames tribbing

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The video starts with August Ames lounging by the pool, talking to her self about a guy neighbor that is leering at her, she is very annoyed at this. While she is sitting relaxing by the pool, her friend calls her phone and August asks her to hang out. August falls asleep waiting for her friend, her friend happens to be Maddy O’Reilly. When Maddy shows up she wakes up August by tickling her butt. From the conversion they are having it seems they used to date or be lovers and August chose to marry a man with money and leave Maddy behind, but yet they are still friends. August says shes really horny right now because it makes her puke to think about having sex with her old, wrinkly husband, this is quit a strange story.

They start kissing and touching each others bodies. Then Maddy licks August’s pussy through her panties. Then August’s panties come off and Maddy licks her pussy and fingers her while August rubs her own clit. Then they start tribbing by scissoring their pussies together on the lounge chair. There are some closeup shots of them scissoring. Then August fingers and licks Maddy’s pussy, while Maddy rubs her own clit. Then August eats out Maddy’s pussy from behind.

Then Maddy stays on all fours with her ass facing August and Maddy tribs August in a semi reverse cowgirl position. Maddy is not fully riding August because one leg is draped over August’s leg. I do like how they get into this position though, August slides herself under Maddy’s body and places Maddy’s pussy on her own. It’s a well done transition.

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