Nina Hartley and Nyomi Banxxx have sex

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Two women are talking, one is a white mature woman, Nina Hartley, the other is a very pretty black woman, Nyomi Banxxx. They are talking about Nyomi’s lesbian relationship, Nyomi is saying that she likes to not be in control in the bedroom for a change and her partner is the dominate one, but when they are out of the bedroom the relationship is not good. Nina says that it shouldn’t be like that, I am not sure if Nina is Nyomi’s friend or her therapist. Nina asks Nyomi if she would like to come back the next day for a surprise. Nyomi agrees.

When Nyomi comes back she is taken into a dungeon looking room, Nina is wearing a robe with a crotch less lingerie bodysuit on underneath it. Nina ties up Nyomi and tells her the save word is yellow. They kiss and Nina feels Nyomi’s nice big tits. Nina takes off Nyomi’s clothes and rubs and sucks her pussy. Nina has a feather duster toy that she tickles Nyomi with and a whip. Nina takes the whip and strokes it over Nyomi’s perfect ass and whips it over her butt checks so they jiggle. Then Nina starts fingering Nyomi’s pussy from behind. Then Nina starts whipping Nyomi from the front.

After that, Nina unties Nyomi and they lay down kissing while Nyomi rubs her pussy and then Nina takes over rubbing it for her. Then Nina puts herself on top of Nyomi and tribs her in the knee tribbing position. Then Nina stops to eat out Nyomi’s pussy and finger it. After she fingers Nyomi’s pussy she puts her whole fist in there while Nyomi rubs her clit. Then Nina goes back to tribbing Nyomi in the tribbing of the knee position.

Then Nina sits on Nyomi’s face so Nyomi can eat out her pussy while Nina rubs Nyomi’s pussy at the same time. After that they start scissoring their pussies together by holding each others arms for leverage. Then when they are done scissoring they kiss each other deeply. Then Nyomi lays on her stomach and Nina starts tribbing her from behind while Nyomi fingers her own pussy. When Nina is done tribbing her from behind she eats Nyomi out from behind and rubs and fingers her pussy some more.

At the end of the clip there is a interview with Nina Hartley about her legacy in the adult film industry.

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  1. This is a great vid, but I would have liked the tribbing itself to have been a little longer. but still great.