Brazilian lesbian women tribbing

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Two Brazilian lesbians, a blonde and a brunette, are having lesbian sex. The brunette lays on top of the blonde and licks her boobs. They are both wearing lingerie and their panties at this point and the brunette starts tribbing the blonde while they are wearing it. Then they stop tribbing to take off their panties and they start tribbing again. There is a good closeup shot of their clits touching.

They then take off their lingerie so it is sitting around their waist and they scissor their pussies together on the bed. Their are closeup shots of their pussies scissoring. Then they stop scissoring and the blonde gets on top of the brunette and they trib clit to clit. The blonde rubs the brunette’s pussy for a minute while she is tribbing her.

Then the brunette turns over and the blonde is on top of the brunette’s butt tribbing it with her pussy. Looks like the blonde is tribbing her pussy on the brunette’s ass crack. Then the brunette gets up and turns around and they go back to scissoring, the brunette seems to be in control. Then the blonde gets back on top and starts tribbing her pussy on the brunette’s ass again. The brunette is on her back and the blonde is controlling her legs, lifting them up so she can get to the brunette’s butt to trib her pussy on it.

Then the brunette gets back on top and tribs the blonde in the missionary position, with the blonde’s legs in the air. The blonde sucks on the brunette’s big tits at the end of the clip.

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