Brazilian blonde lesbians tribbing

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Two Brazilian blonde lesbians are tribbing in bed. The dominate blonde lesbian is a bit on the chunky side and looks a little emo to me, she has a lot of tattoos and her hair is pinkish blonde. They start kissing and the emo lesbian gets on top of the other blonde and tribs her in the standard tribbing position and does some tribbing of the knee.

Then the lesbian with the long blonde hair gets on top of the emo lesbian and tribs her hard and fast in the standard tribbing position. Then the blonde with the long hair tribs the emo missionary style. Then the emo lesbian gets back on top and tribs the lesbian with the long blonde hair in the missionary position. The emo lesbian has her pussy pierced up and down her pussy lips, there is a closeup shot of their pussies tribbing in the missionary position, with the emo on top.

Then they do the vertical scissor position, with the blonde on the bottom, with her legs spread open in the air and the emo standing over her, placing her pussy on the blonde’s pussy. Then they lay back on the bed and the blonde scissors the emo, while the emo is laying on her back with her legs spread open, it’s a unique position. Then the blonde gets on all fours and the emo tribs her from behind. Then the blonde gets on top of the emo again and they trib some more.

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  1. this vid is fantastic. I like the slightly bigger woman the best, as this is perfect proportions to me. I like women who are just like that, although both are beautiful. A little meat is good lol. the tribbing is great, I like the variety in this, visually brilliant. just how I like it. would have been top dog with panties on!!!