Sasha Grey and Evie Delatosso tribbing

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In this clip Sasha Grey and Evie Delatosso trib their pussies. This clip is artistic. In the beginning the camera zooms in on Sasha and Evie’s faces and they are posing for the camera. Then Evie gets on her knees and takes Sasha’s bra away with her teeth and puts it in a suitcase. Then Evie picks up a pair of stockings in her teeth and brings it to Sasha. Sasha ties the stocking around Evie’s neck and then Evie eats Sasha’s pussy.

They then start kissing and Evie sucks on Sasha’s boobs. Then Evie eats Sasha’s pussy again. Then Sasha take off Evie’s underwear and fingers and rubs her pussy while Evie massages her clit. Then Evie gets on top of Sasha and rubs Sahsa’s pussy while she is tribbing her knee. Sasha pulls Evie on to her pussy and they start tribbing in the standard tribbing position, with Evie on top, before they start scissoring on the bench. After they are done tribbing, Evie eats out Sasha again and fingers her pussy at the same time.

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