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This clip was recommended by Leon, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. Two amateur mature lesbians, one black and one white, are making love in a motel room. This is a real lesbian sex tape, the sex is being filmed by someone else in the room. It does look like it was filmed maybe in the early 90’s, could be wrong but it has a retro vibe to me, with the hair and the video camera. These two women are very into each other and it shows in the way they have sex.

They start by taking off each other’s clothes and kissing and caressing each other while they do it. After their clothes are off, the black lesbian lays down on the bed and the white lesbian eats out her pussy. Then the black lesbian returns the favor by eating the white lesbians pussy out, then they switch to the 69 position and eat each other at the same time. Then they get out of the 69 position and kiss each other very passionately while the black lesbian rubs the white lesbians pussy.

Then the black lesbian gets on top of the white lesbian and tribs her missionary style and tribs her in the tribbing of the knee position. After the black lesbian is done tribbing, the white lesbain rubs and eats the black lesbian’s pussy some more. Then the white lesbian eats out the black lesbian’s pussy again before she gets on top of the black lesbian and starts tribbing. The white lesbian tribs the black lesbian in the tribbing of the knee position and grinds her pussy on the black lesbian’s pussy.

When the white lesbian is done tribbing, the black lesbian sits her perfect big black butt on the white lesbian’s face and tribs away while the white lesbian eats her pussy out. Then at the end of the video they wave good bye to us with smiles on their faces, looking satisfied.

Missionary: 5:13
Knee Tribbing: 5:28, 7:54
Face Tribbing: 9:28

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