Sinn Sage and Isis Taylor have sex

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This video was recommend by Dan, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user.

Sinn Sage is sitting in her living room doing school work when her roommate Isis Taylor comes down the stairs. Isis is dressed in a sexy outfit and Sinn notices right away. Isis tells Sinn she has a date and she hopes to impress him with her charm and her stylish clothes. Sinn says she should find someone that deserves her time and attention. Isis agrees and says she is on the hunt for a guy like that. Isis walks out for the night leaving Sinn home alone.

Sinn looks a little sad and walks up stairs to Isis’s bedroom. Sinn looks at the underwear that Isis left on her bed, Sinn smells Isis’s pillow and her perfume. Then Sinn walks over to her closet and goes through her underwear drawer and looks through Isis’s dirty hamper. There Sinn finds a pair of worn panties and smells them and rubs them over her boobs, Sinn takes off her clothes and masturbates her pussy with the used panties in her hand. While she touches herself, she puts the panties in her mouth and she smells them. Then she puts the used panties on and masturbates herself on Isis’s bed, rolling around on her lingerie.

Then Sinn hears Isis come home because she slams the front door shut, Sinn gets up off the bed and hides in Isis’s closet. Isis takes off her clothes and finds Sinn hiding in her closet. She asks why Sinn is wearing her panties Sinn changes the subject by asking why she is home. Isis tells her that she was stood up, Sinn says she is sorry that happened, Isis just thinks she is sorry she got caught wearing her used panties. Isis says Sinn looks good in them and squeezes her ass, while she does that she discovers that the panties are wet and asks why. Sinn says she does not know why, Isis says she needs to take out her frustration on someone because of the horrible day she has had and grabs Sinn and kisses her hard against the wall.

They start to have sex, Sinn grinds her pussy against Isis’s up against the wall, Sinn still has the panties on and Isis has pantyhose on. Isis then pins Sinn against the wall and grinds her pussy into Sinns. Sinn then pushes Isis on the bed and kisses her boobs and rubs her clit with her thumb, before she tribs her pussy. Then Isis licks Sinn’s pussy through the panties that she has on. Then Isis takes off Sinn’s panties and tribs her missionary style with her pantyhose on. Then Sinn eats Isis out with her pantyhose on and her pantyhose off. Then Sinn gets on top of Isis and tribs her clit to clit, there are great closeup shots of this. Sinn continues to trib Isis, when they are done they kiss.

Trib Standing: 13:59
Missionary: 15:49, 24:15, 32:23
Standard Tribbing: 18:24, 31:50, 34:16

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  1. sorry this vid was a little long. and the best stuff isn’t till a while into it. but the first five or so mins after they start having sex is my best bit of this, and well worth the wait. love the trib with pants on, and it continues great after as well. LOVE SINN!