Amateur lesbian club sex

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This is a clip of two amateur lesbians having sex in a backroom of a club. There are other people in the room because you can see the flash from cameras go off. These girls are also being filmed and watched by whoever is recording them. The video starts with the girls sitting on a couch, touching each other and smoking a cigarette. They rub and kiss and take off each others clothes, the blonde has really small boobs, like she does not have any at all. The brunette takes off the blonde’s panties and eats her pussy.

Then the brunette sits on the couch and the blonde rubs and fingers her pussy. Then the brunette lays the blonde on the ground and fingers her pussy and eats it some more. Then the scene cuts to the blonde sitting on the couch and the brunette getting on her lap to give her a little lap dance with a cigarette in between her fingers. The brunette tries to massage the blonde’s pussy at the same time.

Then the lay back on the ground and play with each other’s pussies in the 69 position. Then the brunette makes the blonde face the couch and eats and fingers her pussy from behind. Then they finally start tribbing at 16:26, at the end of the video. This is quite the amateur production.

Lap dance: 6:29, 10:18
Standard Tribbing: 16:26

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