Sexy redhead lesbian fucks

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A redhead, Elle Alexandra, is banging on the front doors of a very nice house, she is yelling “Dani, let me the fuck in.” No one answers, so she goes around the back of the house where Dani Daniels is in her room reading a magazine. Elle seems really angry and when Dani lets her in the backdoor she pushes Dani on to the bed. Elle yells at her asking her why she fucked her sister. Dani replies “I don’t know” and Elle rips off Dani’s clothes and starts fucking her.

Elle kisses Dani and starts eating out her pussy. Then Elle takes off her clothes and Dani starts eating her pussy out and rubbing her clit. Then Elle eats Dani out again and rubs and fingers her cunt. Elle is a little aggressive I must say. After she eats Dani out, Elle sits on Dani’s face and lets her eat her pussy and tribs her face. Then Dani sits on the Elle’s face and lets her eat her pussy, she doesn’t really trib her face though. After they are done eating pussies, Dani tribs Elle hard and fast starting at 15:48. After they are done tribbing they kiss.

After they kiss it shows Dani doing yoga with a blonde for a second. I am assuming the blonde is Elle’s sister that Dani had sex with. This is a good clip because their is a sexy redhead in it, it’s hard to find a good tribbing scene with a redhead for some reason.

Face Tribbing: 11:32, 13:37
Standard Tribbing: 15:44

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