Retro interracial lesbian tribbing

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This is a retro porn video of two interracial lesbians, one black and one white, tribbing. They trib missionary style through the whole video. They both have very hairy pussies, the black lesbian is on top tribbing the white lesbian, dominating her. The white lesbian is wearing a garter belt and black thigh high stockings. There are some great closeup shots of their pussies tribbing together. Around 2:10 the camera zooms in on the white lesbians pussy and you can see some cum oozing out, very nice.

Missionary: Start of the video

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  1. No, but I will add it to the queue of videos to find, this might be a tough one to track down, seeing that it is a retro vid, but we will try 🙂

  2. I believe the full
    Video is available via Homegrown a pro-am video company. I would welcom saying the entire video