Lesbian anal licking and tribbing

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A girl is on her bed writing in her diary about what happened that day. Her boyfriend Brad broke up with her, on her birthday, in front of everyone. His reason was that she was bad in bed and a prude. In the middle of writing her best friend bursts through her bedroom door. She yells “Happy Birthday” and plops down on the bed next to her. Her best friend, Kimberly Kane, can tell the brunette, who is a young Karlie Montana, is down in the dumps and asks whats wrong.

Karlie explains what happened and how Brad said she was a dead fish in bed. Kimberly says that actually Brad could have been the bad lay if he did not get her turned on and into their sexual encounters. Kimberly also says that maybe teenage guys aren’t the best sex partners to have, then Kimberly starts kissing and taking off Karlie’s clothes. Karlie gets into it and sucks Kimberly’s tits and takes off her clothes as well.

Kimberly starts rubbing Karlie’s clit and sucking on her pussy and fingering her cunt. Kimberly flips Karlie over and spanks her butt cheeks and licks her asshole. She then vigorously rubs her pussy and licks her asshole some more. Then Karlie returns the favor by rubbing and eating Kimberly’s vagina. Then around 12:36 they scissor their pussies together closeup to the camera, clit to clit. Then the clip cuts to the blonde eating out Karlie’s asshole again while Karlie’s butt is in the air.

While Karlie’s butt is in the air, Kimberly gets up and sits her pussy on Karlie’s pussy and starts tribbing, there are closeup shots of their pussies touching this way, it’s a pretty unique tribbing position, very nice. Then the clip cuts to Kimberly rubbing and fingering Karlie, while Karlie masturbates. Then Kimberly sits on Karlie’s face and lets her eat her out.

Scissoring: 12:32
Vertical Scissor: 13:39

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