Big boob blondes tribbing many ways

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They start the video kissing and rubbing their massive tits together. Then blonde with her hair down lays on her stomach and the other blonde in the white thong panties mounts her from behind and tribs her doggy style, they both look older, more mature. Then the lesbian on the bottom turns over and they scissor each other.

They are both wearing their panties while they are scissoring. Then the blonde in the white panties lays on her back and the blonde with the red panties gets on top of her and they trib in the standard position. Then the lesbian on top switches to riding the other blonde. After that the blonde on top gets down and lays on the other blonde and they trib missionary style while she sucks and feels up her partner’s boobs.

The blonde with the hair done also takes off the other blonde’s panties while they are tribbing missionary style. Then the blonde with her hair tied up turns over on her stomach and the other blonde tribs her from behind. That blonde still has her panties on. Then the clip cuts to them on the bed facing each other with their legs spread open tribbing in the open scissor.

After that the blonde with her panties off mounts the other blonde and tribs her standard style and in the reverse cowgirl position. Then they go back to scissoring and they trib again in the standard position for a few seconds. After that they trib half in the reverse cowgirl way and half in the standard way, it is a pretty unique position.

Then when they are down with that they start to trib by riding again. Then they scissor for a short time before they trib doggy style again. Then they go back to riding. They get aggressive with each other because at times they pull each other’s hair when they are tribbing from behind. After they are done riding they trib in the knee tribbing position. They trib many different ways. The video ends with the blonde with her hair tied back getting up and giving the other blonde a smack on her butt.

Doggy Style: 20 seconds, 4:16, 8:26
Scissoring: 1:17, 6:11, 8:16
Standard Tribbing: 1:54, 5:13, 6:43
Riding: 2:21, 7:38, 9:48
Missionary: 3:13
Open Scissor: 4:45
Reverse Cowgirl: 5:51, 6:56
Knee Tribbing: 10:07

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