Asa Akira and Julia Ann have hot sex

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This clip was recommended by Jasmin, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. Julia is doing her makeup in the bathroom while Asa tells Julia her schedule. Asa is Julia’s assistant. Julia is an actress and is complaining about her roles. Asa says Julia should not be upset because people love her.

They walk into the bedroom and Julia sits on the bed while Asa unpacks Julia’s suitcase and organizes her clothes. Julia tells Asa that she is really pretty. Julia asks Asa to massage her and Asa starts rubbing Julia’s shoulders. Julia asks Asa if she knows where her missing panties are. Asa says she does not but she will keep an eye out for them.

They both comment about how strange it is that her panties are always missing. Then the clip cuts to Julia taking a shower and Asa setting Julia’s dry cleaning out on her bed. Asa sees Julia’s panties on the bed and picks them up and smells them. Then Julia walks into the room and Asa quickly hides the underwear behind her back. Julia asks her what she is doing with them and Asa lies and says she was going to put them in the washer. Julia is not buying it and accuses Asa of stealing her panties.

Asa admits to stealing them and says she likes them cause they smell like her. Julia is grossed out and calls her a pervert. Julia asks why she likes smelling her panties and Asa says she likes Julia and is attracted to her and her nice sexy ass. Julia is flattered and they start kissing on the bed.

They take off their clothes and they slightly do some knee tribbing on the edge of the bed, Asa is still wearing her panties. Then Julia lays back and Asa licks and fingers her pussy. Then Asa rubs Julia’s pussy while she licks her asshole. Then Julia bends over and Asa eats her ass and her pussy out from behind while she fingers her.

Then Julia sucks on Asa’s boobs and eats her out. After that Julia sits up on the bed and Asa sits on her lap and they trib by riding. Then after they are done doing that Asa goes down on Julia and eats and fingers her pussy some more. Then Asa goes back to tribbing Julia by tribbing her in the standard position.

After they are down tribbing Asa bends over and Julia eats her ass out while Asa masturbates. Then they both sit up and kiss and Julia falls on top of Asa and tibs her missionary style. Then they stop tribbing and Julia pats Asa’s pussy and fingers her deep. Then Julia licks Asa’s pussy some more before she sits on Asa’s face and gets her pussy ass eaten out. Then they end the video by kissing.

Knee Tribbing: 7:29
Riding: 19:22
Standard Tribbing: 22:16
Missionary: 25:30

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