Tara Holiday turns April O’Neil into a lesbian

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April O’Neil is sitting at the bar having a glass of wine. Tara Holiday notices that April is sitting alone looking sad with her wine so Tara gets up to sit next to her. Tara says that April looks just like her niece and shows her a picture, April agrees. Tara introduces herself and sits next to April.

Tara asks April why she looks sad. April says her boyfriend just broke up with her. Tara says not to worry because April is so pretty that she will have guys crawling all over her. Tara says that she is happier since she gave up men. April asks her if she is celibate now. Tara says she dates women now and loves it.

April is curious and wants to know more about dating the same sex. Tara asks April if she ever dated another girl and April says she has not. April says she has never been asked out by a woman anyway so it is not a big deal. Tara is shocked and asks April out. Tara thinks April is sexy and tries to talk her into having sex. Tara says they can have sex at her place.

Tara asks April if he wants to experiment. April agrees and they go to Tara’s house. April is scared and Tara says she will be fine. They kiss and Tara caresses April to make her comfy. Tara and April kiss and make out for a long time. Tara is on top of April and they trib missionary style with their clothes on.

Then Tara gets April naked and she eats out her hairy pussy. Then April takes off Tara’s panties and eats and rubs her pussy. Then April mounts Tara and they trib in the knee tribbing position. Then they stop tribbing and April goes back to eating Tara’s pussy. After that they kiss again and Tara mounts April and they trib in the knee tribbing position. Then Tara switches to tribbing April missionary style for the rest of the video.

Missionary: 20:09, 39:07
Knee Tribbing: 30:24, 38:23

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