Asian school girl has sex with her lesbian teacher

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A Japanese school girl is in her classroom when her teacher walks in. They talk in Japanese and the teacher starts kissing the student. The teacher comes on to her and feels up her boobs and takes off her clothes. The student slowly gets into the sex and sucks on the teacher’s boobs and rubs her pussy.

They sit down on the floor and the student rubs the teacher’s tits and licks her ear. They get up and kiss and rub each other. Then they lay down on the floor and the teacher gets on top of the student and rubs her boobs on the students. The teacher rubs the student’s pussy over her panties and then licks her pussy under and over her panties.

They sit up and the student rubs the teacher’s pussy under her underwear. Then the teacher’s panties come off and the student licks her pussy. Then they both get totally naked and the student mounts the teacher and they start tribbing missionary style on the classroom floor. Then the student rubs and fingers the teacher’s pussy.

After that they stand up and head over to the chalk board. The student leans against it and the teachers lays her body on the student and they trib stand. They also rub each other’s pussies while they do this. After they are done trib standing they sit down on the floor and start scissoring.

The scissoring soon turns into standard tribbing with the teacher on top. Then they switch places and the student takes control and tribs the teacher in the standard way. After that the student lays on her back and the teacher makes the student keep her legs in the air and spreads them apart. The teacher stands inside of her spread legs and they trib in the vertical scissor position hard and fast.

Then the teacher lays down on the student and they kiss. The student pushes the teacher down on her back and the student mounts the teacher backwards and they trib in the reverse cowgirl position. There is a lot of good tribbing in this video.

Body Tribbing: 20:38
Missionary: 31:47
Trib Standing: 34:25
Scissoring; 36:40
Standard Tribbing: 37:15, 38:00
Vertical Scissor: 41:01
Reverse Cowgirl: 42:39

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