Two interracial cam girl couples tribbing

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In this cam girl clip two different interracial cam girl couples trib. I do not now if they are in the same room together at the same time or if it was edited together to show them together.

The first couple trib on the couch. The white lesbian bends over and the black lesbian gets behind her and tribs her doggy style. The black lesbian is wearing panties and the white lesbian is wearing glasses. Then the black lesbian leaves and the white lesbian rubs her pussy. The black lesbian comes back with no panties on and continues to trib the white lesbian from behind.

Then the white lesbian turns over and spreads her legs and they start tribbing by scissoring on the couch. Then the white lesbian turns back on her stomach and the black lesbian mounts her ass again and continues to trib her from behind.

Then the clip cuts to another set of lesbians tribbing on the floor, a black girl and a white redhead. They are semi scissoring, semi tribbing doggy style. Then another girl with glasses comes over and she starts scissoring with the black girl on the floor.

Doggy Style: 11 seconds, 8:43, 8:58
Scissoring: 6:40, 8:58, 12:15

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