Leanna Foxxx and Veronica Brazil trib fighting

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This clip was recommended by Lo, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. This is a vintage clip of Leanna Foxxx and Veronica Brazil aggressively having lesbian sex. Leanna is in the black latex and Veronica is in the red. They start the clip trash talking each other. They are trying to establish who owns the territory.

They both think they do and they start fighting for what is theirs. They push each other and start kissing. They caress each other and sucks on each other’s huge boobs. Then Veronica gets Leanna on the ground and they trib missionary style in their panties and their lingerie. Then Leanna gets on top of Veronica and pins her down and rides her pussy.

Then Veronica flips Leanna on her back and Veronica tribs Leanna in the standard position. Then Veronica stops tribbing to lick Leanna’s pussy over her black panties. After that Veronica goes back to tribbing Leanna. Then Leanna pins Veronica down and she takes off Veronica’s panties and her own and she tribs her raw pussy on Veronica’s big boobs.

Then Leanna keeps Veronica pinned to the floor and tribs her missionary style hard and fast. Veronica gets back on top and licks Leanna’s high heel shoe and sucks on her huge tit and then tribs her missionary again. They trib deeply for a while and then they roll over and Leanna is now back on the bottom and Veronica is still on top of her tribbing her in the knee tribbing position.

Leanna was on top for a few seconds but Veronica was too powerful and pinned her back down in the knee tribbing position. Then Veronica goes back to tribbing missionary and Leanna gets the upper hand and flips Veronica on her back and rides her. Leanna tries to keep Veronica pinned down but cannot. Veronica gets back on top, back in control of Leanna and tribs her in the knee position.

Leanna still has a lot of fight in her and rolls Veronica over again and tribs her in the knee position and then in missionary. Veronica will not let Leanna get the upper hand and she manages to pin Leanna down again and ride her. They flip over again and Leanna is on top tribbing Veronica missionary style.

Then they struggle some more and Veronica is back on top riding Leanna. Then they stop and rest a bit and Veronica pins Leanna to the couch and tribs her missionary on it while Leanna is sitting down and Veronica is on the floor kneeling. Then Veronica gets pinned to the couch and Leanna tribs her the same way and rides her pussy too and knee tribs her.

After that Leanna sits back on the couch and Veronica gets on top of her and knee tribs her too. Then somehow Veronica lays on the floor and Leanna tribs her missionary style again. They struggle a bit and then Leanna lays back and Veronica tribs her missionary style some more and in the standard position. After they are done fighting they kiss.

Missionary: 7:28, 11:27, 13:38, 16:30, 18:42, 20:07, 21:19, 22:35, 23:34, 24:54, 26:46
Riding: 9:40, 18:58, 20:15, 21:58, 32:46
Standard Tribbing: 10:25, 11:32, 27:37
Body Tribbing: 12:58
Knee Tribbing: 18:12, 19:14,19:43, 19:56, 24:04, 24:27

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