Celeste Star and Ruby Knox pleasure their pussies

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Celeste Star is in the bathroom putting on makeup and doing her hair. Celeste can not find her purple eye liner so she calls Ruby Knox into the bathroom and asks her to go get it for her. Ruby is annoyed but goes off to get it. Ruby comes back with the eyeliner and then Celeste asks Ruby to go upstairs and get her curling iron.

Ruby is very annoyed but goes up to get it anyway. Celeste asks Ruby how she looks and Ruby says she looks great. Celeste wonders if she should be wearing another dress and wants to show it to Ruby but Ruby walks away. Celeste follows Ruby into the bedroom. Celeste asks Ruby what her problem is. Ruby syas Celeste constantly talks about herself and makes Ruby fetch everything for her.

Celeste says that this date is very important to her and that she has been trying to go out on a date with this guy for months. Ruby says he sounds like a real jerk. Celeste still wants to know why Ruby is acting like a jerk. Ruby is just upset becuase she feels invisiable to Celeste. Ruby is in love with her and tells her so.

Ruby kisses Celeste and Celeste is shocked. Then Celeste goes with it and they end up making out on the bde. They feel each oter up and get naked. Celeste lays back on the bed in her panties and Ruby is still in her shorts bu they trib missinary style. Then Ruby gets up on her knees and rubs Celeste’s pussy over her panties.

Then they panties coomw off and Ruby eats Celeste’s pussy and fingers it. Ruby is still in her panties and she tribs her pussy on Celeste’s upper thigh while they readjust. Then Ruby moves up Celeste’s leg and they start tribbing in the tribbing of the knee positon. Then Celsete takes Ruby’s panties off and eats ut her pussy and rubs it.

Celeste also sticks her thumb deep into Ruby’s pussy. Thn Celeste mounts Rubsy and they trib misisoanry style with great closeup shots. Celeste tribs Ruby hard and fast at times. Then Celeste bends over and Ruby licks and rubs her pussy from behind. Ruby fongers her pussy while Celeste masturbates in this poisiton. They end the video with a kiss.

Missionary: 9:57, 21:37
Body Tribbing: 15:09
Knee Tribbing: 15:55

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