Remy LaCroix and Dani Daniels trib in colorful stockings

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Remy LaCroix runs down the stairs in purple stockings and starts hula hooping in the foyer. Her body and butt shakes with each hula. Then Remy and Dani get interviewed about what they think about each other. Remy is really excitied to have sex with Dani and Dani does not know who Remy is at first but then remembers and says that she and Remy have been wanting to work together for years and now they finally get to.

Then the clip cuts to them kissing on the bed. Remy is wearing purple stockings and Dani is wearing red stockings. Dani works her way down Remy’s body, kissing her boobs and licking her pussy. Then they kiss some more and Dani bends over and Remy licks her asshole and rubs her pussy while she eats her butt out.

Then Dani sits on Remy’s face and face tribs her while Remy eats her out. Then Dani mounts Remy and slowly tribs her in the standard tribbing position. Dani falls over and lays on Remy and they trib in the knee tribbing position. Then Dani pops up for a minute and continues to trib standard style hard and fast.

After that they stop tribbing and Dani licks Remy’s pussy and rubs Remy’s pussy very hard. Then Dani uses two fingers and sticks them in Remy’s pussy and pleasures her. Then Remy lays on her stomach and Dani sits on her butt and tribs her in a reverse cowgirl doggy style position while she rubs Remy’s pussy, which is kinda cool because we never see this position.

Dani tribs very hard and fast this way. Then Dani gets off and rubs, fingers and licks Remy’s pussy form behind. Remy rubs her own clit while Dani fingers her form behind. Dani also fingers Remy’s pussy while she eats her butt out. Then Dani lays back on the bed and Remy sits on her and they kiss and Dani rubs Remy’s pussy.

Then Remy gets off Dani and eats Dani out, rubs and fingers her pussy. Then Remy mounts Dani and they trib the standard way and in the tribbing of the knee position for the rest of the clip.

Face Tribbing: 16:36
Standard Tribbing: 18:21, 20:49, 32:00
Knee Tribbing: 20:31, 31:16
Doggy Style: 25:13
Reverse Cowgirl: 25:13

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