Brazilian babes get it on

Two Brazilian lesbians trib each other in this clip. They start by scissoring each other on the bed, the blonde keeps her panties on for this before she pushes them to the side, but she keeps them on the whole time. Then the brunette gets on top of the blonde and scissors her while on top of her.

Then the blonde gets up and the brunette assumes the position, with her butt in the air, and the blonde eats out her asshole. After that, the brunette tribs the blonde doggy style. There is a nice close up shot of this, the camera gets under them and films it. At 4:58 the brunette tribs the blonde hard from behind. The blonde is a little chubby and the brunette is very skinny.

Scissoring: Start of the video
Vertical Scissor: 1:10
Doggy Style: 4:31

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