Kira Noir tribs Kendra James in front of her sleeping dad

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Kendra James catches her step daughter Kira Noir sneaking in past curfew. Kira’s father is in the living room sleeping on the couch. He got tired of waiting for Kira to come home and fell asleep. Kendra is very angry and Kira gives Kendra attitude saying she does not have to tell her where she has been.

Kira leaves to go to bed and Kendra pulls her back. Kendra grabs Kira’s arm and shakes her around. Kira yells for her to let go and Kendra puts her hand over her mouth to shut her up so she does not wake her father up. Kira licks Kendra’s hand to get away. Kendra wipes the spit off on Kira’s chest.

Kira pulls down her shit and exposes her boobs. Kendra twists her nipple and then Kira twists Kendra’s nipple. They start yelling and fighting each other in the living room. Kendra pushes Kira over the chair and pulls off her skirt and spanks her bare bottom. They start having sex at this point. Kendra rubs Kira’s pussy from behind.

Then they get naked and Kendra eats Kira’s pussy out while she fingers it at the same time. Then Kendra sits on Kira’s face and gets her pussy eaten. Kendra also face tribs Kira in this position. Then the clip cuts to Kira tribbing Kendra hard and fast in the standard tribbing position. They trib for the rest of the video.

Face Tribbing: 4:41
Standard Tribbing: 5:39

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