Allison Tayler and Zoe Voss tribbing pussies

Allison Tayler and Zoe Voss are talking on the couch. Zoe is mad at Allison for some reason and Allison asks her what her problem is. Zoe does not like Allison, Zoe says that Allison is embarrassing. Allison gets upset and Zoe feels bad and says she did not mean it. Allison gets up to leave and Zoe tells her to stay.

Zoe tells Allison that she threatens her because she has guts and is not afraid to try new things and that Allison does not care what people think. Zoe says that she is scared of those things and wishes she was more like Allison. Then Zoe dares Allison to kiss her. Allison does and they start making out on the couch.

Allison takes off Zoe’s panties and eats her pussy. Then Zoe gets completely naked and sucks on Allison’s big tits. Then Zoe gets on top of Allison and they trib missionary style. Allison is still wearing her panties while they trib. Then Zoe stops and takes off Allison’s panties and rubs and licks Allison’s pussy.

Then Zoe lays on her side and Allison licks and rubs Zoe’s pussy. Then Allison mounts Zoe and they trib in the tribbing of the knee position. Zoe looks huge laying on Zoe’s tiny body. After they trib Allison eats Zoe’s pussy out again.

Missionary: 12:25
Knee Tribbing: 24:48

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