Celeste Star tribbing Lily LaBeau fast and hard

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This clip was recommended by Nina, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user.

Super hot

Celeste Star is walking around her sorority house looking for her roommates but she can not find them, instead she finds Lily LaBeau. Celeste asks Lily where they went and Lily says she does not know. Celeste sits back on the couch and stares at Lily and asks her if she is in a serious relationship with Angie, her girlfriend.

Lily says no and then asks Celeste if she is serious about her girlfriend Emily. Celeste laughs and Lily tells her she should dump Emily because all they do is fight. Lily moves closer to Celeste and they start to kiss. They go to the bedroom and Celeste lays down on the bed and Lily lays on top of her and they make out and trib in the tribing of the knee position with their clothes on.

They roll around and take turns humping and tribbing each other this way with their panties and pants on. Then Celeste gets on top and sits on Lily and tribs her in a half riding half knee tribbing position. Then they stop tribbing and Lily eats Celeste’s pussy over her pants and rubs it. Then Lily sits on her knees and Celeste tribs her in the half riding half knee tribbing way again.

After that Celeste’s pants come off and Lily eats Celeste’s pussy and rubs it through her panties. Then Lily mounts Celeste and they trib missionary style with their panties on. Then Lily changes tribbing positions and tribs Celeste the standard way. Then Lily lays back and Celeste takes control. Celeste eats Lily pussy through her panties and then Lily’s panties come off and Celeste eats Lily’s hairy pussy out and rubs it.

Then Celeste mounts Lilly and they trib missionary style, Celeste has her panties on still. They trib hard and fast. Then Celeste’s panties come off and Celeste tribs Lily raw and she tribs her hard and fast in the standard way. Then Celeste gets tired and lays down on Lily and they trib in the tribbing of the knee position.

After that Celeste lays back on the bed and Lily lays on top of her and they lightly trib missionary style, they are both really tired from all the fast tribbing. Then Lily gets off of Celeste and they lay side by side and masturbate each other’s pussies for the rest of the video.

Knee Tribbing: 3:13, 7:30, 10:30, 24:23
Riding: 7:30, 10:30
Missionary: 11:13, 21:17, 25:48
Standard Tribbing: 12:49, 23:28

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