Magdalene St Michaels and Samantha Bentley have sex

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This clip was recommended by Jasmin, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. Samantha Bentley is sleeping on the couch when Magdalene St Michaels walks into the room. Magdalene calls out to Samantha trying to wake her up. Magdalene gets Samantha’s attention and Samantha is pissed that Magdalene is bothering her.

Magdalene is Samantha’s dad’s secretary and Samantha does not want to be bothered by her at all. Magdalene calls Samantha a brat and sits down next to her. Magdalene tells Samantha that her dad could be Prime Minister and that Samantha keeps pulling stunts that Magdalene’s team has to shield from the public. Basically Samantha is a huge asshole who is ruining her dad’s political future.

Magdalene says that her dad loves her and that he works hard for her, so she can be rich and have nice things. Samantha says all she wants is her dad’s time and attention. Magdalene says that she is in charge of her dad’s schedule and that she will make sure her dad spends time with her. This makes Samantha very happy and she hugs Magdalene.

They hug for a minute and then Samantha kisses Magdalene and they start making out. They rub each other’s pussies through their panties and get naked. Samantha sucks on Magdalene’s boobs while Magdalene rubs Samantha’s pussy. Then Magdalene sucks on Samantha’s tits and Samantha takes off Magdalene’s tights and panties and eats her hairy pussy out.

Then Samantha tribs her tit on Magdalene’s pussy and clit. There are nice closeup shots of this. Then Samantha lays on Magdalene and they trib softly missionary style. Magdalene is naked but Samantha is still in her black thong panties and her skirt.

Then Samantha lays back on the couch and Magdalene sucks on and fingers Samantha’s pussy. Then Magdalene mounts Samantha and Samantha sucks on Magdalene’s big boob while they trib missionary style, this time pussy to pussy. They trib for the rest of the video.

Body Tribbing: 15:20
Missioanry: 16:27, 24:35

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