Hard and deep lesbian grinding

Two lesbians trib their pussies hard and deeply on the couch. They press and grind their pussies into each others. The closeup shots in this video are really good. They are both wearing clothes, their skirts are pulled up around their wastes. They start the video tribbing in the tribbing of the knee position. The redhead is on top of the brunette, then they roll over and the brunette gets on top.

The brunette presses and grinds her pussy into the redheads hard. Then they struggle for dominance and the redhead wins and gets back on top of the brunette and tribs her in the tribbing of the knee position. Then the redhead switches her legs around and continues to trib in the knee position. The redhead adjusts and tribs the brunette missionary style, holding her down and taking charge, dominating her.

The redhead switches back to the knee position afterwards. The the redhead pulls the brunette on top of her and the brunette tribs her in the tribbing of the knee position again and then goes into the standard tribbing position where they bump their pussies together. Then the brunette switches and goes back to the knee position. Then the redhead gets back on top and they trib tribbing of the knee style for the rest of the video.

Knee Tribbing: Start of the video, 52 seconds, 1:24, 2:57, 3:41, 5:09, 5:49, 6:21, 7:00
Missionary: 4:44
Standard Tribbing: 6:02

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