Andy San Dimas and Kristina Rose passionately fuck

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This clip was recommended by AnaIsabel, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user.

Andy San Dimas and Kristina Rose tribbing so amazing.

Andy San Dimas and Kristina Rose are being interviewed and talking about how they like fucking each other and how they have a lot of respect for one another. While they are being interviewed the clip cuts to them kissing and making out and fucking. Then the interview ends and we get to see them having sex.

They are kissing on the bed and taking off each other’s clothes. They are very romantic with each other. Kristina is in her white shorts and she lightly tribs Andy missionary style while Andy still has her jean shorts on. They suck on each other’s boobs and then ride their pussies together while they are still wearing their shorts.

Then Kristina gets Andy in her panties and rubs her pussy, they then trib missionary style again and Kristina is still in her shorts. Then Andy takes off Kristina’s shorts and panties and rubs her pussy form behind and eats her out. Kristina has an orgasm and then returns the favor to Andy. Kristina licks Andy’s asshole and then licks her pussy.

Then Kristina kisses Andy’s feet, the soles of her feet and mounts her. Kristina tribs Andy clit to clit by riding her wet pussy on Andy’s wet pussy. You can see that they are sticky and wet, rubbing up against each other. They trib hard and fast and kiss while they trib.

Riding: 49 seconds, 9:10, 19:04
Missionary: 6:16, 10:56

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