Abby Cross and Ryan Ryans fuck in the office

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Awesome video in which Ryan is told by a client to reward her hot secretary Abby with a special gift. The “real” special gift turns out to be the hot sex they have with each other. Scissoring starts at 22:15. Enjoy.

Abby Cross is Ryan Ryans secretary. A very big lipped blonde walks into Ryan’s office and Abby gets her seated. Ryan calls Abby to tell her she is running late and Abby tells her not to worry, that she has taken care of the big lipped client and the client is happily waiting for her. Ryan is very happy and thanks Abby for her hard work.

Abby walks in late and talks to the client. The client says she looked over all the material and she will be choosing Ryan’s company for the job. The client goes on to say what a wonderful person and secretary Abby is. The client informs Ryan that tomorrow is National Secretaries Day and that Ryan should do something special for Abby.

The client leaves and Ryan gets on her computer to look for things to get Abby. Ryan ends up buying herself some black lingerie and Abby a coat. Before Ryan leaves the office she tells Abby about National Secretaries Day and that she got her a present. The next day rolls around and Abby gets into the office and sees a box waiting for her. She opens the box and finds the black lingerie and the coat, so she puts it on.

When Ryan walks into the office Abby is waiting for her wearing the lingerie and the coat. Ryan tells her that is not what she meant, that the coat is just for her but the lingerie is for herself. Abby doesn’t care and starts kissing Ryan, telling her that she has been waiting for this for a long time and that she wants to fuck Ryan. Abby gets Ryan naked and sits her in a chair and eats her pussy.

Ryan gives in to Abby at that point. Ryan lays down and Abby sits on her face and Ryan licks her cunt while Abby rubs Ryan’s pussy. They also 69. Then they both sit up and scissor their pussies together on the floor for the rest of the video.

Scissoring: 22:15

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