Samantha Ryan and Trinity Post tribbing

This clip was recommended by Chris, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. Samantha Ryan and Trinity Post are talking on the bed. Samantha wants Trinity to finally leave her girlfriend so they can stop sneaking around. Trinity says she has to wait because her girlfriend is paying her college tuition. Samantha tells her to get a job and Trinity says she can’t because she has to focus on studying.

Samantha is upset and thinks Trinity will never leave her girlfriend. Trinity says she will and they start kissing. Trinity gets on top of Samantha and rides her pussy, they are both wearing panties. She rides Samantha good too. Then Trinity eats Samantha’s pussy over their panties. The clip skips to Samantha eating and fingering a naked Trinity on the bed.

Then Samantha mounts Trinity and they ride their naked pussies together. There is a nice closeup shot of them riding. Then Trinity eats out and rubs Samantha’s pussy. After that, Trinity sits on top of Samantha’s thigh and tribs her pussy on it.

Then Trinity eats Samantha’s pussy from behind and then Trinity tribs Samantha doggy style after she is done eating her pussy. Then Samantha sits on Trinity’s lap and Trinity rubs Samantha’s pussy and then they end of the clip kissing, laying down on the bed.

Riding: 1:55, 5:13
Body Tribbing: 7:04
Doggy Style: 8:02

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