Mature lesbians tribbing while standing in the tub

Two lesbians are in the tub together washing themselves and each other, they look mature to me. They are both wearing hot pink bikinis. Then they stop washing and start kissing and they take off each other’s bikinis. The skinnier lesbian sits on the chubby lesbian’s knee and the chubby lesbian rubs her pussy.

The skinny lesbian gives a little lap dance on the chubby lesbian’s knee. Then the skinny lesbian gets off the chubby lesbian’s knee and they sit in the tub and kiss and feel each other. Then they both stand up and start tribbing their pussies together. They trib in a semi trib standing semi knee tribbing position.

Then they get out of the tub and the chubby lesbian sits on the side of the tub and the skinny lesbian sits on her knee and rubs the chubby lesbian’s pussy and they grind their pussies together in a tribbing of the knee position. Then they stand up again and trib stand in the bathroom.

They kiss and then the clip cuts to them on the bed. The skinny lesbian is now wearing black stockings and she gets on top of the chubby lesbian and they trib in the tribbing of the knee position. Then the clip cuts again to the chubby lesbian on top of the skinny lesbian tribbing her in the tribbing of the knee position as well.

Trib Standing: 2:33, 3:45
Knee Tribbing: 2:33, 3:06, 4:33, 4:43

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