African lesbians trib on webcam

Two African amateur lesbians trib on webcam for their audience. The lesbian with the long hair sits on her partner, who has short hair and looks butch and rides her pussy (32 seconds). While she is riding her pussy, her partner rubs her clit. The lesbian on top tribs and then stops so her partner can lick her boobs and then she goes back to riding. She does this on and off.

Then long haired lesbian gets up and the butch lesbian licks her pussy while she is kneeling over her stomach. Then the long haired lesbian sits and goes back to riding some more (6:16) and looking at the comments. Then the long haired lesbian lays down and the butch lesbian tribs her in the standard tribbing position (8:27). After that they lay on each other and read their computer screen. The long haired lesbian bends over and the butch lesbian fingers her pussy from behind.

Riding: 32 seconds, 6:16
Standard Tribbing: 8:27

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