Amateur black and white lesbian tribbing

This is a homemade amateur video. A stationary camera is filming them and it looks like the camera is set up on the bed and there are other people in the room watching them, we can see the flash from their camera go off in the background. The video starts off with a white lesbian laying on her back on the bed and a black lesbian kissing her body.

In the upper left corner of the screen you see a man get close to the lesbians and snap a picture of them. The black lesbian licks the white lesbian’s boobs and they start making out. The black lesbian positions her pussy over the white lesbian’s pussy and the black lesbian softly tribs her in the tribbing of the knee position (1:28). Their tribbing is very sensual and slow. After they are done tribbing the black lesbian moves down to the white lesbian’s pussy and eats it.

Knee Tribbing: 1:28

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