Ena Sweet and Julia Roca tribbing in oil

This video starts at 18 seconds, after the intro. Then we see Ena Sweet and Julia Roca in a boxing ring bumping their butts together. They are wearing short shorts, sports bras and have on boxing gloves. They take off their gloves and shake and touch each other’s asses.

Then they get completely naked and bend over. The camera guy pours oil on their butts and on their assholes. They rub it into each other’s bodies. Then they turn over and get oil sprayed on their pussies. They are now drenched in oil. they slink and slither around the mat together.

Then Ena sits on Julia’s pussy and they trib lightly (3:53). After that they start scissoring their wet pussies together (4:32). Then they stop and rub each other’s pussies. Then they start tribbing again in a open scissor position (6:16). They are both sitting up with their legs open.

Then they feet fuck or trib each other with their feet (6:52). Their pussies are so oily that flicking their clits with their feet must feel really good. Then they kiss and Ena gets on top of Julia and so tribs her pussy on Julia’s body (7:30). After that, Ena gets down and eats Julia’s pussy and then fingers it.

Riding: 3:53
Scissoring: 4:32
Open Scissor: 6:16
Body Tribbing: 6:52, 7:30

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