Brunette lesbians tribbing for the fun of it

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Two brunettes walk into a room and sit down at a table. One of the brunette’s opens a letter and reads it. It says that they will be texted commands and they have to do them. The brunette’s already agreed to comply, it is a game of sorts. Their first text tells them to do sexy poses. The brunette’s spread their legs while sitting and rub their bodies.

They get another text and the text tells them to each do a strip tease one after the other. They each stand up and take turns taking off their clothes. They sit back down in the chairs in their lingerie. The brunette in the red takes a sip of her drink and she spills it on the table. She tells the brunette in the black to clean it. Both brunette’s agree that they should clean the room that they are in together.

They start cleaning the room and bump their butts together while they tidy up. They get another text and the brunette in the red says she is going to show the brunette in the black what they have to do. They walk over to a bed and start kissing and they take off their bras but leave their stockings on.

They start scissoring their pussies together (8:13) bumping them together hard and fast. Then the brunette in the black tribs the other brunette in the standard tribbing position (9:35). After that they flip around and the red stocking lesbian scissors the other brunette hard and fast (10:29). Then they adjust themselves and the black stocking lesbian rides the red stocking lesbian’s pussy (11:01).

Then they go back to scissoring (11:13). They take off their stockings and the black brunette tribs the red brunette to the side from behind (11:55). Then the black brunette rolls over on her stomach and the red brunette rubs her boobs on her butt and tribs her from behind as well (13:05). Then they scissor and trib doggy style at the same time (13:32) before they just trib doggy style again (13:47). The black brunette throws her ass onto the red brunette’s pussy.

Then they caress and rub each other’s tits and asses. They get on the floor and scissor hard (14:31). Then they trib in a unique move. The red lesbian leans upside down against the bed, with her legs in the air and the black lesbian sits backwards on her pussy. They trib their pussies like this, I guess I would say its a backwards doggy style, semi reverse cowgirl position (15:06). I have not seen this done yet through all of my travels through porn clips!

Then the red lesbian gets down and drops on all fours and the black lesbian tribs her from behind (15:52). Then the red lesbian sits up and tribs the black lesbian in the semi reverse cowgirl position (16:11). Then they go back to scissoring (16:50). The black lesbian gets up and lays on the bed exhausted and the red lesbian comes up to her and tribs her boobs on her pussy (17:33). Then the red lesbian mounts her partner and tribs her in the semi reverse cowgirl position some more (18:16).

After that, the red lesbian gets on all fours on the bed and the black lesbian gets behind her and they trib doggy style very hard and fast (19:06). Then the red lesbian lays down on her back and the black lesbian mounts her and they trib in the tribbing of the knee position (20:03). Then they turn over and the red lesbian tribs the black lesbian in the standard tribbing position (21:08).

Then they change positions again and trib in a semi scissor semi doggy style position (21:21). Then they switch to the black lesbian tribbing in a semi reverse cowgirl position (21:44). After that, the red lesbian mounts the black lesbian again she tribs her in the semi reverse cowgirl position (22:49). Then they stop tribbing for a second and lick each other’s boobs. Then the black lesbian mounts the red lesbian’s tit and tribs her with her pussy (25:11). Then she lays on top of the red lesbian and they rub their boobs together.

Scissoring: 8:13, 10:29, 11:13, 13:32, 14:31, 16:50, 21:21
Standard Tribbing: 9:35, 21:08
Riding: 11:01
Doggy Style: 11:55, 13:05, 13:32, 13:47, 15:06, 15:52, 19:06, 21:21
Semi Reverse Cowgirl: 15:06, 16:11, 18:16, 21:44, 22:49
Body Tribbing: 17:33, 25:11
Knee Tribbing: 20:03

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