Jamie Valentine fucks her step daughter Crystal Rae

This clip was recommended by Jasmin, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. Crystal Rae is at her computer when Jamie Valentine walks up behind her pulling luggage. Jamie tells Crystal she is leaving her dad because he has been cheating on her. Crystal is shocked and hugs her. She tells Jamie not to leave, Jamie says her dad is no good and she has to go. Crystal says they should at least spend the day together.

They walk over to the couch to talk about what happened. Jamie says she caught Crystal’s dad cheating three times and now she is totally done with him. Jamie says he is always working anyway, so she is leaving him and the ring. Jamie says the only reason she stayed around this long is because of the relationship she has with Crystal.

Jamie also says another reason she is leaving Crystal’s dad is because she wants to become a lesbian. Crystal tells Jamie she made out with her girlfriend a couple weeks ago and liked it. Jamie leaves the room and comes back in lingerie and she is carrying a huge vibrator. She uses the vibrator on Crystal’s nipple and then she sucks on Crystal’s boob.

They start kissing and Jamie uses the vibrator over Crystal’s panties. Crystal also rubs her pussy over her panties too. Then Jamie takes off Crystal’s panties and eats out her pussy and licks her asshole. Then Jamie gets up and unhooks her lingerie body suite and mounts Crystal’s pussy. Jamie tribs Crystal in the standard tribbing position (16:26). She starts off slow and then they trib hard and fast.

Then Jamie uses the vibrator on Crystal’s bare clit and then she goes back to licking her pussy. Then Jamie gets up and bends over and Crystal eats out her pussy. Then Crystal lays down on the couch and Jamie sits on her face and face tribs her (23:31) while Crystal eats her out. Jamie uses the vibrator on her clit at the same time.

Then Jamie gets off Crystal’s face and Crystal rubs and fingers Jamie’s pussy and uses the vibrator on it. Crystal gives Jamie’s pussy a quick lick and they kiss before the video ends.

Standard Tribbing: 16:26
Face Tribbing: 23:31

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