Older blonde and younger brunette lesbian have sex

This clip was recommended by Phoebe, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. This video really starts at 3:52, everything before this is ads and the end of the scene before it. Two moms and two daughters are sitting around talking. The blonde mom asks the brunette mom where she is from, she is from Germany and she explains a little about her country.

Then they talk about what books they are reading in their book club. The older blonde and the younger brunette connect because they are interested in the same book. The brunette says they can go upstairs and look at her book collection. The blonde agrees and they go into her room. The blonde lays down on the bed and the brunette lays next to her and they look through a book together. The blonde starts stroking the brunette’s hair and they kiss.

They take off their clothes and the blonde gets on top of the brunette and sucks on her tits and they kiss some more. The blonde goes down on the brunette and licks her pussy. Then the blonde mounts the brunette and they trib (12:59) missionary style, the blonde still has her panties on.

Then the blonde eats the brunette out again and fingers her pussy. Then the blonde’s panties come off and the brunette eats out her pussy. The brunette then tribs the blonde’s pussy with her knee (23:27). Then the brunette sits on top of the blonde and she rides her pussy (23:39). After that, the blonde gets back on top and she gives it a go riding the brunette (27:15). Then she changes to tribbing the brunette missionary style again (27:26).

There are nice closeup shots of them tribbing. When they are done tribbing the brunette eats the blonde’s pussy again. Then they kiss and an ad is shown again so the actual movie stops at 34:55.

Missionary: 12:59, 27:26
Body Tribbing: 23:27
Riding: 23:29, 27:15

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