Real Pinay lesbians filmed tribbing

Two Filipino lesbians are being filmed having sex. They start tribbing in the standard position (4 seconds) kinda jokey for the camera, but they soon get into it. Then they scissor their pussies together (12 seconds). The lesbian in the socks seems to be in charge.

They have head phones on and are laughing. They seems to be on the computer at the same time, possibly doing a webcam show too. Then the lesbian with the socks sits on the other lesbian reverse cowgirl style (1:05) and they trib that way for a few seconds. The camera person then pans over to another girl watching from the doorway.

Then the naked lesbians kiss and the one wearing socks starts riding the other’s pussy (1:35). Then the lesbian with the long hair gets on top of the other lesbian and licks her tit and pretends to eat her pussy. The lesbian wearing socks gets back on top and she rides the other lesbian again (3:58) while massaging her own boobs. Then towards the end the clip changes to the lesbian wearing the socks tribbing the long haired lesbian from behind (4:37).

Standard Tribbing: 4 seconds
Scissoring: 12 seconds
Reverses Cowgirl: 1:05
Riding: 1:35, 3:58
Doggy Style: 4:37

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