Lesbian oil wrestling sex

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Well let’s start by saying one of the principle advantages of this match up was the sheer beauty of the girls. Gloria maybe not one of the big guns but boy is she a very sweet little Miss. So when proceedings kick off with her watching the very wet-sounding climax oil sex fight on her television of Kendra and Lucille, and starts masturbating in her knickers and stockings, we know we’re in for something special. And then the object of her heat walks in the room! Smirk smirk. Our Lucille looking as edible as ever, breasts bursting to get out of her top, walks in, chit-chats and sets the whole game alight with some strong kissing and some leg over positions fully clothed!

Everyone well moist from the kickoff. No, they can’t wait either and move into a pretty evil looking gym room where they strip off to knickers & stockings, so cool. It’s Gloria who gets backed up against the wall and straight off, L has her legs entwined and hips pushing and gently thrusting against the out stretched delighted Gloria. Wow this is sexy! Heavy kissing and L is into Gloria’s knickers. Jesus this is hot. Lucille doesn’t know what to rub first and Gloria’s doing her own breast grabbing and full on in-knicker masturbating on Lucille; bloody double wow! Kissing snogging, one leg lifts, and mounting, positioning, rubbing, more kissing serious copulating.

They take a breather. They need to. So serious is the rising lust. Very close to losing control they go to ground with Gloria still with her hands in Lucille’s knickers, and then some serious tribbing action. Knickers are pulled to one side, very wet pussies with Gloria still rampant. Kissing and rolling Lucille gets on top and slips knickers sideways and start some serious accurate penetrating tribbing in return. These girls are so hot and well into the sex. More knicker clearing (great camera work). Very accurate slow tribbing work from Lucille looks well into the heaviest tribbing possible.

This is possibly he most sensational tribbing seen on DWW. Slowly they disengage and slowly they remove the last of the clothing, look admiring glances, Gloria first then Lucille strips as sensually and provocatively as possible, turning her back on the spectating Gloria. Just so so very hot. A quite magnificent body being displayed as erotically as possible, and of course, well on heat. And then we get to the oiling up! Very slowly very sensually, kissing all the time, Lucille can’t sit still and liberally coats the pair with oil, all the while threatening heavy sex action.

For some reason they decide to go for a little wrestling, proper holds, figure 4s, scissors etc. But it’s all about juicy positions, every move a sexual innuendo. But vigorous. Lucille making Gloria pay. Suddenly we’re into breast grabbing, and more kissing, gentle tribbing from G and of course Lucille in full flow allowing full access to G while facing the floor. Bit of slapping wakes her up. Now she has her hands under G buttocks and she’s in for the heavy stuff astride G. Heavy concentration. And kissing. Gloria still with a little energy, gets bitten once and twice. G fucks on, big breasts massaged, beautiful copulation camera work.

Gloria rides on, upsets Lucille who get back with even more leverage. G squeals. Lucille slowly tribs so hard, G makes to pass out. Final thrustings, in desperation Gloria get back on top squatting and tribbing while delirious L watches exactly where G is rubbing. Long slow sweeps from Gloria, quickens toward climax so L can’t let it happen, so switches again, splits G wide open and tribs the moaning G face down. How long can this go on? Gloria slowly rides her self back on top, quickens the pace, Lucille going cross-eyed.

Gloria invites Lucille to acknowledge her as the superior one and L looks in no position to deny her. Gloria fucks for the home run And away goes Lucille in the longest heaviest climax enjoyed by all. She ties the rampant Gloria up but has a long long climax with Gloria looking so pleased with herself. So gloats and kisses and soothes and fondles but of course needs release. Soon Lucille regains her wits and obliges, throws G on her face start riding from the back.

The compliment is returned with another HUGE climax from Gloria, shuddering, squealing, writhing in ecstasy. Lucille massages her and kisses her to conclusion. This has to be one of the all time great trib sessions. Beautiful fit young women providing each other with a wonderful sexual time together; Lucille at last allows her pent up desire, full reign.

Gloria so well equipped to draw it out of her. No question, 10 credits, five stars. Can it ever be better than this? This is not pornography; this is natural complete sex by sports girls with intimate knowledge and sexual expression who want to enjoy themselves completely. Perhaps one of the most beautiful sights in the world.

Trib Standing: 5:14
Standard Tribbing: 8:20, 11:08, 20:06, 21:09, 25:32
Knee tribbing: 9:38, 20:04, 30:00
Semi Scissoring: 19:02, 26:00, 30:36
Semi doggy Style: 19:02, 26:00, 26:42, 30:36
Semi Reverse Cowgirl: 22:35, 24:03. 26:42

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