Tanya Tate has sex with step daughter Chloe Lynn

This clip was recommended by Jasmin, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. In the beginning of the video there is an ad so the actual scene does not start until 1:36. Chloe Lynn is sitting on the bed watching television when Tanya Tate comes in to the room. She asks Chloe if she has seen her purse, Chloe says no and asks where she is going.

Tanya says she is going to a work party and she doesn’t think it is going to be fun. Chloe tells her that at least her boobs like great. Tanya says she usually wears this dress for her dad and Chloe laughs. Chloe says she should stay with her because she does not have any friends yet. Tanya apologizes for moving them out to London and says she will make friends soon.

Chloe says she knows she will make friends soon but Tanya is the only person she feels close to right now. Tanya thinks that is sweet and hugs her and says she does not need to be scared. Chloe says she hasn’t been kissed in a long time and Tanya says she is too pretty not to be kissed and she kisses her.

They start to get into kissing each other and they have sex. Chloe sucks on Tanya’s big boobs and then Tanya sucks on Chloes. Tanya rubs Chloe’s pussy and eats it out while she is bent over. Then they rub each other’s pussies before Tanya mounts Chloe and they trib in the standard tribbing position (14:33). There are good close up shots of them tribbing, you can see their pussy lips stick together. Then they change positions somehow and they scissor their pussies together (16:19).

Then Chloe licks Tanya’s pussy and she gets on top of her and they trib missionary style (17:58). Then Chloe goes back to licking her pussy. Then Tanya mounts Chloe and they trib in the upright missionary position (21:00). Then Tanya eats Chloe’s pussy. The video ends at 23:24 and the ad from the beginning plays again.

Standard Tribbing: 14:33
Scissoring: 16:19
Missionary: 17:58, 21:00

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