Ariella Ferrera fucks her daughter Remy Lacroix

This clip was recommended by BoliElBoliviano, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. Remy Lacroix and Ariella Ferrera are eating at the dinner table. Remy asks where her dad is and Ariella says he is watching football. Remy leaves with her plate of food to eat in her bedroom leaving Ariella alone at the table. Remy comes back when she is done eating and asks where dessert is.

Ariella gets mad and tells Remy off. Ariella says just because she is her step mom that doesn’t mean Remy can treat her like shit. Ariella says if Remy wants dessert she can have dessert and pushes Remy’s face into her boobs and makes her suck on them. Remy is shocked but then Ariella kisses her and Remy starts to get into it.

Ariella and Remy lay on the dinner table and Ariella eats her pussy. Then Ariella tribs Remy in the standard tribbing position (4:08). Then Ariella instructs Remy to sit backwards on her pussy and Remy does and tribs Ariella in the reverse cowgirl position (4:58). While they trib this way they bump their pussies and their butts together, it is a unique spin on the reverse cowgirl.

Then they get into the 69 position and eat each other out. After that, Ariella sits on Remy’s face and gets her pussy eaten while she face tribs Remy’s face (6:18). Then Ariella gets on top of Remy and they trib their pussies missionary style (6:58). Ariella tribs Remy hard and fast, she gets very sweaty.

Standard Tribbing: 4:08
Reverse Cowgirl: 4:58
Face Tribbing: 6:18
Missionary: 6:58

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