Izzy Delphine has wet lesbian sex with Terra Twain

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In this video Izzy Delphine and Terra Twain have sex. Izzy is the blonde and Terra is the brunette from the Czech Republic. Terra is suppose to be older then Izzy but honestly they don’t look that far apart in age. I will tag it mature and young anyway.

They start out by making out on the bed. They take off their shirts and Izzy rubs Terra’s pussy inside her shorts. Then Terra takes off Izzy shorts and sits on top of her. Terra rides Izzy with her shorts still on and while Izzy still has her white panties on (4:52). Then their bottoms come off and Terra rides Izzy’s naked pussy (6:42).

Terra gets off of Izzy and they start tribbing by scissoring their pussies together (7:00). There are really nice closeup shots of their pussies tribbing this way clit to clit, you can see how wet their pussies are. The wetness sticks to their pussies and creates a sticky gooey trib. Then Izzy flips over and Terra tribs her from behind (9:14). As Terra tribs Izzy from behind she also tribs her pussy on Izzy’s upper thigh (10:49). There is a closeup shot of that.

They change positions and Terra lays down and Izzy gets on top of her and they trib in the standard tribing position (13:32). Then Terra turns around and Izzy tribs her from behind (15:28), Izzy’s pussy is wet and you can see her wetness transferring to Terra’s ass. When Izzy is done they flip around and Terra gets on top of Izzy and lightly tribs her in the tribbing of the knee position (18:50).

Then Terra licks and fingers Izzy’s pussy and right after that Izzy returns the favor and goes down on Terra. Eating and fingering her cunt. Terra spreads her legs high in the air and Izzy eats her pussy that way too. Then they kiss. This is a good tribbing video, lots of variety and wetness.

Riding: 4:55, 6:47
Scissoring: 7:00
Doggy Style: 9:14, 15:28
Body Tribbing: 10:49
Standard Tribbing: 13:32
Knee Tribbing: 18:50

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