Daisy Ducati aggressively fucks a blonde

Daisy Ducati and a white lesbian are getting frisky in bed. They start feeling each others bodies and then the white lesbian gets aggressive and tries to take control. Daisy quickly corrects her and aggressively over powers the white lesbian and gains control.

Daisy rubs the white lesbians pussy from behind. When she is done Daisy sucks and plays with the white lesbian’s feet. The white lesbian is wearing black stockings. After that the white lesbian lays on her back and daisy eats out her pussy. Then Daisy puts on a strap on and fucks the white lesbian from behind.

When they are done fucking the white lesbian turns around and Daisy fingers, rubs and licks her pussy. Then Daisy takes off the strap on and the red body stocking she is wearing and mounts the white lesbian. They trib in a tribbing of the knee position, to the side (8:41).

It is kinda a unique position. They trib hard and fast. Then they trib in the standard tribibng position (9:35). Daisy takes control of the tribbing. After they are done tribbing Daisy rubs the white lesbian’s pussy some more and the white lesbian licks and rubs Daisy’s pussy.

Knee Tribbing: 8:41
Standard Tribbing: 9:35

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